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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The most dominant and evolving combat sport in the world. Blending the most effective martial arts in striking & grappling, incorporating cage work & ground and pound to develop a complete and realistic self-defence system.


The “sweet science” the most effective form of hand to hand combat. Hand speed, footwork, head movement and distance control are the fundamental keys that you learn that advance offensive and defensive strategies that help you “hit and not get hit”.

Muay Thai

The most advanced form of kickboxing. In the “art of eight limbs” learn how to use your hands, legs, knees, and elbows for stand up striking, clinch work, and sweeps.

Submission Grappling

The evolution of wrestling & jiu jitsu. The explosive power of wrestling and the muscle endurance in the “gentle art” of jiu jitsu help you be aggressive and fluid simultaneously, using positional control to achieve takedowns and submissions.


Juniors run much the same as adult classes where drilling and performance is the focus of the class. MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing & Submission Grappling are all taught in these classes.

Strength & Conditioning

“S&C” is designed exercises that improve movement quality & physical performance in general fitness and sport specific. It is extremely important in reducing the risk of injury and increasing mobility.

Women's Only

These classes are designed by women for women, to break down barriers to entry in combat sports and give women relative training partners.

Kids MMA

These classes are for younger children as a first introduction to MMA where the main objective is fun, keeping engagement in a more relaxed environment.

Team Training

Team training is for all members, it is more of an open class where coaches can spend more attention on active and potential competitors for the gym, also a perfect time to rehearse techniques learnt in the other classes between team mates.