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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

One of the world’s fastest growing and exciting sports. It allows both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground. Blending all the martial arts we teach here at Impact as well as specific techniques that work well for MMA from a wide range of other martial arts.


‘The sweet science’ Boxing is renowned for being the most effective hand-to-hand combat sports in the world. In these classes you will learn how to outclass an opponent with a range of skills including; hand speed, footwork, head movement, distance control, rotational power and endurance.

Muay Thai

‘The art of 8 limbs’ Thailand’s national sport. It incorporates standing striking techniques using hands, legs, elbows, knees and toes! Clinch work and sweeps are also crucial parts of the sport allowing you to control and manipulate an opponent’s body.

Submission Grappling

A combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling techniques. An incredibly effective martial art for ground fighting, especially for self-defence. It allows for technique to prevail over strength and brute force. BJJ uses levers and control of space to acquire positional advantages leading to positions where the opponent is forced to submit. There are a huge variety of techniques with many more pathways to be learned. Wrestling incorporates clinch, throws, takedowns and ground control. A very physically demanding sport that develops both explosive power and muscle endurance. A very important aspect of MMA as the better wrestler can determine where the fight takes place.


Impact MMA runs Junior classes for ages 7-16 to learn Mixed Martial Arts in a safe, controlled and fun environment. Coaches are DBS Checked and are experienced in teaching children. Learning Mixed Martial Arts is excellent for a child’s development as it teaches them the importance of respect and discipline alongside the physical training. From experience we have found that children that learn martial arts together develop strong friendships.

We separate the classes into MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Submission Grappling and Strength & Conditioning so they can work with specialised coaches in the different styles. Children from all backgrounds and behavioural types are welcome, we are able to cater training to children with certain challenges i.e ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, dyspraxia. We also offer 121 or group training for children who may struggle in a busy class and need time to adapt to the environment.

Aside from the fitness benefits, training also helps kids grow in healthy confidence and self-worth which we see as vital in an age where many children suffer with mental challenges due to a negative image of themselves. We are proud to have male and female coaches who are experienced competitors, so children and teens can have a role-model to look up to.

Strength & Conditioning

Whether you’re looking to compete, learn to defend yourself or simply learn the arts, Strength & Conditioning classes are designed to get you into your best shape. Although workouts are for everybody, they are designed to enhance performance in the other classes. They are run by a specialist S&C Coach who also provides Performance and Programme Packages for those looking for training targeted to their goals.

Sports Massage

Looking after your body outside of the gym is essential to making sure your performance is at its best when training or competing. Regular sports massage has a variety of benefits to ensure this including; decreased muscle tension, increased flexibility and range of movement, injury prevention, reduced muscular pain, reduced recovery time post-injury. Impact MMA has experienced sports massage therapists who are also Coaches so understand the stresses MMA athletes put on their body.

Personal Training/121’s/Group Coaching

Personal training/121’s are an excellent way to receive focused training from an experienced Coach. Sessions are tailored to a member’s needs, whether it be covering specific techniques for a competition, improving fitness using training in an exciting sport or learning different aspects of MMA.

They are also a great stepping stone for anyone who is unsure or feels unconfident at the thought of training in a class and can be a great introduction to MMA with a personal approach.

Impact MMA also offers Group training outside of class time to any group interested in training in MMA. We also cater in teaching SEND (Special Education, Needs and Development) and behavioural groups.

Performance Package

+ Weekly 1 hour Private Coaching/Sports Massage
+ Monthly Programmes
+ Performance Recording
+ Weight Management
+ 25% Discount on further private coaching and sports massage

Option to add unlimited open gym for £10 extra per month

Programming Package

+ 2 x 30 minute Private Coaching
+ Monthly Programmes
+ Performance Recording
Option to add unlimited open gym for £10 extra per month