Q: I’ve never done martial arts before, can I join in classes?

Q: What is MMA?

Q: What happens in a typical class?

Q: What shall I wear to class?

Q: What equipment do I need?

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member at Impact MMA?

Q: Is MMA training good if I already participate/compete in other sports and gym activities?

Q: I don’t want to compete, can I still train?

Q: How do I pay?

Q: When will my payment come out?

Q: I want to fight, can you put me into competition?

Q: How do I book personal training or sports massage?


Q: What are the age ranges for Juniors classes?

Q: What do you wear/equipment?

Q: How long do classes last for?

Q: Are the classes safe?

Q: Will martial arts make my kids violent?

Q: What are the benefits of my child taking part in classes?

Q: My child has behavioural difficulties/SEND, can they still train?

Q: Can I stay and watch the class?